• Introduction to podcasting
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  • Overview of using interactive whiteboards in the classroom with resources
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  • Desktop movies are a powerful way to engage students in learning. Learn the basics of iMovie (included with every Mac computer) and practical classroom applications. Participants will learn how to create, edit, enhance and share an iMovie from storyboard to publish. Come see how you can use digital media to amplify and transform your curriculum to reach beyond the classroom walls. During the workshop, particpants will create a video project and see examples of how movies have been used to support and assess student learning.

    Desktop movies promote
    • problem-solving
    • creativity
    • collaboration
    • deeper understanding of content
    • individual expression
    • reflection
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  • Traditional photography course taught using digital cameras and photo editing software.
    Download the GIMP
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  • Mp3 players are emerging as a viable educational technology. Integrating the mp3 player into the daily routine can be difficult. During this workshop Tamara and Bentley will provide participants with ideas on how mp3 players can support student learning across the curriculum in elementary classrooms. Also, participants will learn to edit mp3 files using Audacity, a free digital audio editor for both Windows and Mac. This engaging technology can become a tool for both teachers and students to use to communicate learning.
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